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TRACES / Lonely Night ft. TYLERxCORDY

Released: March 25, 2020


Lonely night ft. TYLERxCORDY


I wrote "Lonely Night" in the middle of a really hard year for me. One late night I was home alone, messing around on the piano and started putting down some lyrics and melodies. I felt a sort of vulnerability and honesty in the moment, a kind of willingness to get out behind what I had been covering up for a while. The first few lyrics of the song say that tomorrow, I might put on my mask and crooked smile, but for right now I am admitting that I’m not in a great place. I think working in this industry can cause creatives especially to feel very alone. No matter what stage you’re at in your career, everything can feel so high pressure. That pressure and personal risk involved can feel like an uphill battle, often climbed alone.

TYLERxCORDY and I had met in a writing session a couple years ago and stayed in contact ever since. We had been talking about working on something together for a while so I sent him the basic outline of what would become "Lonely Night". He wrote a verse and the next time he was out in LA, we got together to record it. For me, Tyler is just one of those artists who really gets what being in this industry entails; he’s been through the ups and downs of major labels, managers, etc., yet he still keeps his focus on writing great songs that are meaningful to him.The concept of an isolated night of reflection is a pretty open idea which I think most people can identify with, so I was stoked to see what Tyler was able to create in that framework.

Though of course the song was written far before what is happening in the world today, it feels important to acknowledge that we are going into a time where feeling alone or isolated may become more widespread. I hope that “Lonely Night” encourages healing through self reflection during this unprecedentedly difficult time in life, as it was for me during one of the lowest points of mine.

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TRACES / Lonely Night ft. TYLERxCORDY