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L to R: Graham Vincent Jones, Brandon Wolfe Scott, Jeffrey Innes, James Younger

Photo Credit: Raunie Mae Baker

(August 9, 2023) – Canadian indie-pop powerhouse Yukon Blonde will release Shuggie – their first full-length album since the 2020 critically acclaimed LP Vindicator – on October 12 via Dine Alone Records. Along with the announcement, the band share the irresistible new track, “You Always Get What You Want”. Listen here.

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“Sometimes when I’m listening to records, I get stuck on a particular letter of the alphabet and will repetitively listen to artists in or adjacent to that particular section,” says Jeff Innes about the new single. “I think it’s because when I’m returning a record, it’s just more efficient to select something right in front of me. Anyways, I was on an “F” kick. I was listening to a lot of Fleetwood Mac and The Flaming Lips in a kind of loop around this time, and I got really inspired by both bands ability to use the same chords throughout the whole song and just change the melody around. It was a fun challenge that I ended up using for quite a few songs. And while it’s not anything new for us, you really just have to go with whatever inspires you in the moment. The lyrics for this song came out of thin air.

Spending lots of time in the suburbs and rural parts of BC, it really started to get to me how much of people’s lives are absolutely consumed by consumerism. It’s a bit less obvious in the big city but out there, the only thing to do is go to the mall or drone out on your phone all day. Boredom is a thing of the past, and yet depression is at an all time high. I’d like to think the antidote to all this is probably being around people, doing absolutely nothing. Communities are formed that way – doing nothing, together.”

Hypnotic and hyper-compelling, the upcoming Shuggie takes Yukon Blonde’s mastery of pop music in its many forms and anchors it in psychedelic synths, wiry guitar licks and bass lines, and of course, a chorus of inviting voices.

“There’s a real openness to this record both musically and lyrically – sort of wide reaching exploration of trying to find that something out of of all this isolation,” says Jeff on behalf of bandmates Brandon Scott (guitar, vocals), Graham Jones (drums, vocals), and James Younger (bass, vocals)

“Being in a band for this long, we’re talking our entire adult lives here, I’m not sure it’s a healthy thing,” says Younger. “Out on the road you miss births, funerals, birthdays, and back home over time even the strongest relationships come and go. This is all happening in our van somewhere on The Canadian Shield and all four of us have been through it.” This sense of self imposed exile undoubtedly contributes to the uniquely expansive and ever changing sonic spectrum Yukon Blonde has refined over their years.

One can call them many things, but never predictable or complacent. From the bouncy indie rock that defined their first half decade together – culminating in 2012’s Tiger Talk – through their experimentation with slick 80s inspired pop elements on 2015’s On Blonde to the seductive synth heavy psychedelic mood making of 2018’s Critical Hit – the band’s back catalogue is incredibly diverse.

“We’re a pop band, so everything first is rooted in that,” Innes offers, “but when you’ve been together as long as we have, and been through as much as we have as friends, you have to find ways to protect yourselves and push forward together.”

Very much continuing that trend with, “the favourite of our albums,” 2020’s Vindicator, Yukon Blonde embraced a new workflow – one that found them taking full ownership of the record-making process from writing to recording, from production to mixing.

With Shuggie, they’re bountifully building atop that foundation, further distilling Vindicator’s fruitful approach with a sharper focus on their compositional prowess. Innes maintains his title of “primary songwriter,” but notes, “Everyone really upped their contributions this time out, it’s like the more we go through, the more we’re driven to get together and create things.” After all, “community” and “insular” needn’t be mutually exclusive.

Indeed in their now-signature form Shuggie marks the next stage in Yukon Blonde’s evolution and while their sonic aesthetic is ever changing, some things stay the same, namely the achievements and accolades that follow each new release and the notoriously vivacious live shows that support them. Fortunately for us, Yukon Blonde clearly have not given up on themselves.

Shuggie Track list
01. Shuggie Come Back
02. Every Single Time You Fall In Love 03. Up 2 U
04. Not Interested
05. Txt Me Plz
06. Lovers In A Crowded Room 07. So Original
08. You Always Get What You Want 09. I Don’t Believe In Love

Upcoming Tour Dates

August 5- Nestfest – Kelowna, BC

September 15- Between The Peaks Festival – Rossland, BC

October 1- Cicada Music & Arts Festival – St. Catharines, ON

About Yukon Blonde:

From the buoyant and bouncy indie rock that defined their first half-decade together – culminating in 2012’s incomparable Tiger Talk – through their experimentation with emotive ‘80s pop on 2015’s On Blonde to the seductive, synth-heavy Critical Hit in 2018, the band’s back catalogue is incredibly diverse. Since dropping their debut EP in 2009, the band has earned a JUNO award nod, a SOCAN #1 song award for “Saturday Night”, and held the #1 spot on !earshot for several consecutive weeks with their LP Tiger Talk earning them a cover feature in !earshot Magazine.

Yukon Blonde notably has had tracks featured in major series like Grey’s Anatomy and Revenge. More recently, the single, “Summer in July” was featured on episode 2 of the Amazon Original hit series, The Summer I Turned Pretty, which garnered the track over 2 million streams. The band’s 2020 single, “Get Precious” hit Top 10 at Commercial Alternative Radio, while “Saturday Night” and “Love The Way U Are” both went #1 on the CBC Music Top 20. In 2022, the band was handpicked by Modest Mouse as direct support on their summer 2022 tour.

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