Wintersleep signs to Dine Alone worldwide

Pleased to announce that Wintersleep has joined the Dine Alone family. The Halifax-bred, Montreal-based band will release a new album in winter 2016 called The Great Detachment.

Joel Carriere, President of Dine Alone, described the first time they heard the new songs, “I wish footage existed from when we first listened to Wintersleep’s new record.  Everyone who was in the office was smiling, nodding their heads, and were thrilled at the idea of being a part of the next chapter for one of Canada’s great rock bands.  Forget that they are an amazing band, had huge records, and are sweet dudes, and look to the future of The Great Detachment.  These songs are fucking bangers, big, sweet bangers, and we couldn’t be more excited to be a part of it.”

Wintersleep is vocalist/guitarist Paul Murphy, drummer Loel Campbell, guitarist Tim D’eon, bassist Mike Bigelow, and keyboardist Jon Samuel. The JUNO Award-winning band have released five previous full-length records. They took a break after the release and touring of their 2012 album Hello Hum, and, during that time, wrote a wealth of new material in their Montreal studio. The band then carefully curated the 11 songs comprising The Great Detachment and returned to record to Halifax’s Sonic Temple with producer Tony Doogan (Belle & Sebastian, Mogwai).

The Great Detachment was, in majority, recorded live-off-the-floor, adding an organic and transparent aural aesthetic to the collection. “It’s a very different energy,” singer Murphy opines,  “and one that we kind of missed.”

The Great Detachment is a rock album overwhelmed with a musical warmth which harkens back to the era of Wintersleep’s much-loved break-out song Weighty Ghost. It’s a call to their fans to assemble and sing along to a new raft of tunes borne from reflection and changing technologies. Touring and new album details will be announced in early 2016. Find Wintersleep online at

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