Black Lungs


Throwback Feature: Oliver Mitchell of Bedlam Management

“Wouldn’t have met my wife, wouldn’t live in Canada, wouldn’t have played naked in Sudbury for Black Lungs, wouldn’t have a drum stick stuck in my ass by Jaye Schwarzer of the Cancer Bats…

I wouldn’t have had some of the best times of my life if it wasn’t for Alexisonfire and Joel.”

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Long before his management days, Olly was better known as the frontman of Johnny Truant – one of the first bands to grace Dine Alone’s roster. For years Olly toured alongside Alexisonfire, Cancer Bats, Black Lungs and more. He recently reunited with the Dine Alone family, working for Bedlam Management at our Toronto HQ.


1. Black Lungs, Cancer Bats, Johnny Truant – Sudbury, ON (2008)
2. Black Lungs, Cancer Bats, Johnny Truant – Rockies somewhere (2008)
3. Johnny Truant, Karl Bareham (City and Colour crew) in Joel’s parent’s garage (2005)
4. Joel, Paul and Olly (Johnny Truant), Scoeb (Cancer bats) – the Kilt and Clover in Port Dalhousie (2005)
5. Johnny Truant on a raft in Lake Ontario in Joel’s backyard in Port Dalhousie (2005)

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