UK singer-songwriter Luke Sital-Singh’s four-track EP featuring a collection of Luke’s favourite songs from musical legends; Crosby Stills & Nash, Big Star, Neil Young and Jackson Browne is available today via Dine Alone Records. Check out Luke’s heartfelt live performance of Jackson Browne’s “Late For The Sky”.

Recorded during his recent US tour and inspired by long drives across the country, the first single “Just A Song Before I Go”, a Crosby Stills & Nash cover, is delivered in Luke’s inimitably evocative and melancholic style, creating a new intimacy for the track, whilst always maintaining the classic Americana sound of the original. Rounding out the EP is Neil Young’s classic “Harvest Moon”, and Big Star’s “Thirteen”, all delivered with the delicacy and sophistication consistently evident in Luke’s output. The stunning artwork, by printmaker Hannah Cousins, depicts the Big Sur coastline, which perfectly completes this wonderfully understated, genuinely beautiful yet strangely bittersweet ode to the USA.

Explaining the inspiration and process, Luke says;

“Music and travelling is one of life’s great marriages. Nothing beats a good musical road trip. It’s perhaps why us touring musicians can put up with the more negative aspect of this life. It just feels right. This connection is never felt more acutely than when driving across North America, which I got to do on my first US tour this year. The drives were long and as such, so were the playlists. I couldn’t help spinning my favourites of the late 60’s and early 70’s as we drove down the Californian coastline. Jackson Browne, Joni Mitchell, CSNY, The Beach Boys to name a few. With such great songs and great sights I knew I wanted to document this experience in some way. So, as we travelled, in motels and dressing rooms I began to record my own versions of the songs that were soundtracking the tour.”

Luke’s first North American tour saw dates in both the US and Canada, with shows in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. “The first of which is ‘Just a song before I go’ by Crosby, Stills & Nash. I just love this song. It’s an effortlessly good driving song, perhaps owing to the fact that Graham Nash wrote it whilst in a taxi to the airport after his driver bet him he couldn’t write a song during the 15 minute drive.”

Click here to listen to the full EP.