The Dodos

Stream The Dodos’ “Individ” in full

Stream the Dodos’ new record, Individ, front-to-back before its official release via Pitchfork.

The sixth studio album from the Dodos will arrive in stores on January 27 (via Polyvinyl Records in USA/Morr Music in Europe). Pre-Order Individ on iTunes.

Praise for singles, “Competition” + “Goodbyes and Endings“:

“surging, urgent.” – Exclaim

“a straight-forward indie rock song that serves as a reminder of how magnetic Meric Long and Logan Kroeber can be when they’re playing together.” – Stereogum

“better at serving straight-up indie rock that just about anyone else in the game.” – Under The Radar

“manic and cohesive at the same time – kind of like XTC on Quaaludes.” – Flood

“Goodbyes and Endings unfurls with furiously strummed guitars, complex drum patterns, and a profound sense of melancholy.” – ConsequenceofSound

“Spellbinding” – Culture Collide

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