Pre-order Wintersleep’s The Great Detachment now!

The Great Detachment  the new record from beloved Halifax indie rock group Wintersleep, is now available for pre-order.  The album is set for release on March 4, 2016. Pre-order now on iTunes and receive lead single “Amerika” as an instant grat. Physical products, including limited edition vinyl, cassettes and CD’s are also available for pre-order on our webstore.

Two years in the making, the album marks a return to the organic approach of the band’s earlier works that simultaneously sees them reaching new pinnacles of songwriting and production. The 11-song collection was recorded at Halifax’s Sonic Temple (the birthplace of Welcome To The Night Sky and its preceding 2003 self-titled and 2005 untitled efforts) with producer Tony Doogan (Belle & Sebastian, Mogwai).

The band recorded the majority of The Great Detachment live-off-the-floor, adding an organic and transparent aural aesthetic to the collection. The album is very much an introspective work, both conceptually and thematically. It delivers a welcome dose of the atmospheric, entrancing alt-rock for which the band has become known, with beautifully orchestrated arrangements anchored by haunting, almost hypnotic vocal melodies. “It’s a very different energy,” vocalist/guitarist Paul Murphy opines, “and one that we kind of missed.”



  1. Amerika
  2. Santa Fe
  3. Lifting Cure
  4. More Than
  5. Shadowless
  6. Metropolis
  7. Spirit
  8. Freak Out
  9. Love Lies
  10. Territory
  11. Who Are You
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