Monk’s “ROCK” EP (Dine Alone Records)

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Monk is an LA via Sudbury, Ontario hardcore band incorporating moments of mindfulness into their pummelling blitz. Their first release consists of Frank Bach (Vicious Cycle, Designer at Headspace) on vocals, Daniel Romano (The Outfit, Ancient Shapes, Attack In Black etc.), Ian Romano (Career Suicide) on guitar and drums respectively, and Scott Sorenson on synthesizers.

Inspired by the aggressive sounds of classics like 86 Mentality and Knife Fight and contemporaries like Gel and Bib, Monk sprinkles in wisdom, exploring themes such as impermanence and existentialism while encouraging the importance of being present and acknowledging both positive and negative emotions.

 The EP was recorded at Camera Varda & Headspace Studios. It was entirely produced by Monk and engineered by Ian Romano. Mixing & vocal production by Scott Sorenson and mastering by Monogram Sound.

Artwork by Jack Rogers.

From the band…
“I wondered, what would it sound like if a monk made a hardcore record? After spending years in the Himalayas meditating, confronted by the ills of modern society, how would they respond? With anger and rage, or peace and quiet? Maybe a little bit of both? The record is a mixture of two of my passions, mindfulness and hardcore with themes of mortality, impermanence and  While both seem at odds with one another, they actually have more in common than you think. There’s a little surprise for those who listen through to the end on the b-side of the record. It feels great to finally have this collaboration with the Romano’s be fully released, ready for the world to listen.”

– Frank Bach

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Pressing Information:
•12″ 180g Partly Cloudy Vinyl. Dine Alone Store Exclusive, Limited to 100
• 12″ Half White / Half Black Vinyl, Limited to 200
• 12″ Gold Nugget Vinyl, Limited to 200

1. Nothing Matters
2. Cool and Collected ft. Daniel Romano
3. Only Way Out
4. Monk Stomp ft. Liam Cormier
5. Brutal (Olivia Rodrigo cover)
6. Everything Within You – meditation







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