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Miami Horror signs to Dine Alone & Haven Sounds in Canada

Miami Horror have signed to Dine Alone Records & Haven Sounds, who will release the Australian electronic quartet’s long-awaited second LP All Possible Futures on April 21.  All Possible Futures, the follow-up to Miami Horror’s 2010 breakout debut Illumination, will include previously released singles “Wild Motion,” “Real Slow,” and “Colours in the Sky,” all of which were released to high acclaim in 2014.

On the back of their successful debut Illumination, Miami Horror have spent the last 3 years living between Melbourne and LA and writing in exotic locations from log cabins in the California mountains, the sunny beaches of Australia, and cosmopolitan Paris.

We wanted to move to LA for inspiration and influence more than anything. It helped us to experiment and find our own sound. If you look at a lot of the alternative electronica and dance music coming out of LA it definitely has a feel – we love the weirdness and sunshine. It has been a strong influence on many of our favourite records from the 60s-80s and we wanted to allow it to influence this record,” says the band’s producer Ben Plant.

Armed with Plant’s ripened perspective, Miami Horror have delivered a huge 15-track studio album, littered with introspective songs and post-disco party jams inspired by the quirk of Talking Heads, New Order and INXS, through to the pop influence of Michael Jackson, Paul Simon and the dreamy aesthetic of Fleetwood Mac and Tame Impala thrown in for good measure.

Because this was our sophomore album and a defining time in our career we really wanted to ensure that we creatively explored every direction we could possibly go,” says Plant.

Plant describes the production process as one that was key to ensuring longevity and a sense of permanence for the new album, a medium which they feel is still necessary for creating a story and an emotional connection with music.

We wanted to make something that lasts and grows the more you listen to it; we found a lot of fans overseas had been listening to our first album for years and that’s what made us realize the importance of making something permanent in this day and age.

 On the current state of the industry, Plant goes further to explain that a shift in how people consume music affected the new album’s meaning. “We’ve seen the album format quiver and turn to a focus on artists writing one-off hits. We personally love albums and the story they can tell. A great album will still always stand out in history. Just like with the boom of disco singles in the ’70s and then again with house music, we feel like this is a time where a lot of tracks & artists will be lost amongst sands of time.

With an eclectic mix of influences, identity and developed songwriting Miami Horror have delivered a progressive, heart-felt collection of songs that aim to break the mould and challenge the traditional constraints of our current industry climate. It’s a sensory voyage from start to finish that will define 2015.

Miami Horror – All Possible Futures

1. American Dream
2. Real Slow (featuring Sarah Chernoff)
3. Love Like Mine
4. Cellophane (So Cruel)
5. Wild Motion
6. (Into the Night)
7. Colours in the Sky
8. All It Ever Was
9. (Maybe I Need You)
10. Out of Sight
11. Stranger
12. Who Is Gonna Save Us
13. (Happy Without You)
14. Another Rise, Another Fall
15. Forever Ever

“If your summertime to-do list consists of BBQs, pool parties, dancing, hot days, wild nights, kissing, or all of the above, then you need to make Miami Horror your soundtrack.” – Nylon

“Miami Horror is another one of [Australia’s] exceptional exports, with a funky synth-filled sound that perfectly encapsulates the summer vibe that you never want to stop living and breathing.” – Noisey

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