Matthew Logan Vasquez

Matthew Logan Vasquez signs to Dine Alone

We are excited to announce the addition of Matthew Logan Vasquez to our Canadian roster. The debut EP titled Austin will be released on November 5, with a pre-order beginning today HERE.

After a decade since founding critically acclaimed San Diego-bred five-piece DELTA SPIRIT this is Vasquez’ first solo venture. Listen to lead single “Everything I Do Is OutHERE.  A full-length LP is planned for 2016.

2015 has been a year of major change for Vasquez. He moved with his wife, Marthe, from Brooklyn to Austin, and saw the birth of his first child Thor. This seachange is reflected on the EP’s stunning psych-folk-rock opener, a ballsy 18-minute track that conjures desert visions of Crazy Horse guitar solos, David Crosby’s mustache, and all the good things about a journey through the past on mescaline. Matt actually grew up in Austin (and Dana Point, CA too) and the song is a slice of his life–an autobiography that isn’t even close to being finished– an epic American saga that reflects his skill as a remarkable modern songwriter still on the rise. If Richard Linklater could write a song, this would be it.

Matt went solo for simple reasons– to return to the style of rock he loves. And when he went solo he really went solo, playing every instrument on the record, except for two drum tracks and one guitar track. Delta Spirit undoubtedly will be back but Vasquez wanted to make a collection of music without the influence of his beloved brethren.

At the end of the day, Matt’s objective as a singer, a poet, a preacher, a believer in this beautiful bullshit we call “RocknRoll,” is to find some harmony through life’s confusion and to make you feel good about yourself. He hopes to spread this message via his music starting with the new EP.  More information will be announced as it becomes available.


Austin tracklist

  1. Austin
  2. Everything I Do Is Out
  3. Halfcolt
  4. Spanish Moss
  5. Holy Mountain
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