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L.A.’s Fast Friends Release Self-Produced Debut EP ‘HI T LO IQ’



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(July 10, 2020) – Los Angeles-based trio Fast Friends release debut EP HI T LO IQ today on Dine Alone Records. Stream and purchase HI T LO IQ HERE. The 5-track self-produced record was inspired by, “a ton of conversations with very big, knee slapping laughs.” As the band explains, “Lyrics only make it into songs if we laugh about how ridiculous it is that it could be a lyric in a song. After having made a ton of music throughout our lives, it feels incredibly good to say whatever we want to say, and to have total control and capacity over the sound.”

New single “Everybody Will Be Forgotten” captures their love of apocalypse movies, such as Armageddon and Book of Eli. “In the long, long, long run, it is guaranteed we aren’t going to make it. We all won a lottery with one in one in one billion odds that humans exist at all, and then each individual person won another lottery to be born in the first place. At some point there won’t be anybody around to remember anybody else.”

Explosive “Body” explores the notion that “Everybody has had self-doubt about how they look. Humans look WEIRD.” It’s followed by headbanger “Young Hunks”, for which they “dug through memories of being young lads in dungarees and Keds smacking the old self-worth around and crushing pints in the pub; youth forgives all sins. Except when it doesn’t and you get caught out and then the lessons lean heavy.” Share the surreal videos for spirited tunes Fuck Ohioabout “everything and everybody and also about nothing and nobody” and We Broke The World featuring deepfake renditions sung by a host of beloved and hated personalities across the celebrity spectrum, concluding that “We’ve all been making a mess for so goddamn long that we don’t even see the actual mess we’re making anymore.”

Fast Friends don’t create music for music’s sake. According to them, “That’s super boring. It only matters if you are saying something that you are desperate to say and that you are scared to say and that you don’t think anyone else is going to say.” What the 3-piece of reticent hitmakers have discovered is the formula to making catchy pop songs sound very loud and making people feel uncomfortable.

Comprised of notable songwriters and producers – Tom Peyton from the San Francisco Bay Area, Ryan Spraker from Boston, and Frederik Thaae from Denmark – the like-minded collective started hanging out in L.A. in 2015 when they accidentally wrote a rock song together, then another one, and another, until they realized that the only way the songs were going to come out was if they started a band and put it out themselves. With individual resumes that boast writing and producer credits for artists like Weezer, X Ambassadors, Pitbull, Panic! At The Disco, Arkells, and notably The Glorious Sons’ latest JUNO Award nominated album A War On Everything, Fast Friends find themselves in an enviable position of putting out music whenever they feel like.

HI T LO IQ Tracklist:
1. Everybody Will Be Forgotten
2. Body
3. Young Hunks
4. Fuck Ohio
5. We Broke The World 

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