JJUUJJUU’s Bleck Gets a METZ Remix

As JJUUJJUU finds a tremolo-guitar groove featuring echoed rhythms, maraca-accented percussion and gets lost within it, our hero zips with blissful abandon as she traverses the outer and inner edges of time and space.

-The LA Times

JJUUJJUU blow up everything you think psych rock sounds like.


Zionic Mud is a heavy trip that incorporates all manner of sonic weapons in its all out psychic warfare, managing to be groovy (in a Can sort of way), blissed-out, blasting, and beautiful.


A month removed from the release of their debut LP, LA psych stalwarts JJUUJJUU are sharing the fruits of an unlikely collaboration. Each of the singles from their recently released LP, Zionic Mud, which came out April 13th on Dine Alone, has been accompanied by alternate versions from the band’s friends and supporters which so far have included Liars‘ percussive adaptation of lead single “Camo,” and Warpaint’s Jennylee adding her voice and melodic sensibility to the album’s title track.

Today,BrooklynVegan has the premiere of a remix of “Bleck” from the album from Toronto sludge-rock monsters METZ.  

METZ have taken a minimal approach to the song, leaving the core elements of the already propulsive track intact, but, as BrooklynVegan puts it “crank[ing] up the faders and the shriiiing level,” while re-contextualizing the song between asymmetrical waves of hazed-out noise.


JJUUJJUU’s Phil Pirrone reflects on the album version of the track and the “happy accidents” that guided its creation to BrooklynVegan.


“‘Bleck’ was recorded in Oakland, at the Lumerians’ New Telos Studio with the help of my good friend and amazing drummer, Ryan Knights, who I have been playing music with over 10 years, and have known even longer,” Pirrone says. “We got a basic drum track and some percussion down, and I proceeded to put everything else on top, with Tyler and Chris from Lumerians at the helm. Was a fun, low pressure session, way early on in the recording process. A lot of happy accidents. The spirit of the whole thing was very bleck – which translates to ‘I don’t know, like this…’ in JJUUJJUU speak.”

WATCH: the video for the album version of Bleck on YouTube

JJUUJJUU recently concluded a cross-country tour with Earthless and Kikagaku Moyo, and will be touring extensively around North America throughout the rest of 2018. The next leg begins June 5th in Columbus, Ohio touring in support of Primus and Mastodon. Full details can be found below.   

Zionic Mud is out now on Dine Alone Records. It is available for purchase here.

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