James Vincent McMorrow

James Vincent McMorrow Premieres Video for ‘National’

Today James Vincent McMorrow premiered a new video for his track ‘National’ from 2017’s True Care. The video was put together by illustrator Rafael Mayani and Giant Ant Productions. Find a quote from James and the team at Giant Ant below.


“Ladies and Gentlemen, the music video for my song ‘National’, created by Rafael Mayani and Giant Ant… Of all the music videos I’ve been part of, I can’t think of one I’m more in love with than this. The song means a lot to me on an incredibly personal level, it’s about the time in my life when I met the person who means more to me than anything else in the world, a moment where I was incredibly lost and felt incredibly alone, and then in the darkness I found another soul, someone just like me.
I knew any video that was made for that song needed to be special. And then Raf showed up, reached into my mind, and created the exact thing that I wanted. He’s my favourite illustrator, the way he sees the world is the way I would like to see the world.

Normally when I release videos I do everything I can to avoid the hard sell. Everything about my career is based on people coming to my work on their own time and at their own speed, and that’s a sentiment I’m very protective of. But I’m going to make an exception with this video, and I’m going to ask that if you like it, if it means something to you when you watch it, that you share it with someone who you think might feel the same way. That would mean a lot.

Thank you to the team at Giant Ant in Vancouver for making this video happen, it wouldnt exist without them. Thank u to Believe records and Caroline int. for the assist too.

Yesterday Elon Musk put a car into space, today Raf put one in space too.”



“This video for James Vincent Mcmorrow’s ‘National’, revolves around a man and a car, which serves as a container for various moments that present the character’s insecurity and loneliness, but also love. The car is a claustrophobic room and a vast space—a shield against the world outside, and the perfect spot to listen to music in the rain…” says Giant Ant Productions, the Vancouver-based studio that worked on the video.  “Everything about the song, from the stripped-back instrumentation to the raw vocal, is incredibly moving and personal. We wanted to compliment this with a similarly emotive video that tells a story of unrequited love, interiority, and the complicated feelings that surround painful but treasured memories.”



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