Limited edition Frank Kozik poster


The newly launched Dine Alone webstore will feature a special edition anniversary poster series. Various artists who have impressed and inspired our company, and more so influenced Dine Alone’s very own aesthetic, have designed their own respective representations of the label. The first poster in the series was designed by the the internationally renowned artist Frank Kozik.

Often credited with single handedly reviving the lost art of the concert poster, Kozik’s creative career rose largely out of his enthusiasm for the Austin, Texas growing underground punk rock scene in the early eighties. In 1981, he began designing and posting black and white flyers for friends’ bands on telephone poles. His reputation quickly grew as an artist whose work was graphically compelling and culturally gripping.

An entirely self-taught artist, Kozik eventually transitioned into producing large, colorful silkscreen concert posters, which found international success. He has created artwork for a wide range of musicians such as Pearl Jam, The White Stripes, The Beastie Boys, Green Day, Neil Young, Nirvana and more. Check out more from Frank Kozik here.

This custom-designed Dine Alone 10 Year Anniversary poster is screen printed, hand-numbered, stamped and limited to 200 prints. Click here to purchase.

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