DZ Deathrays

DZ Deathrays Release Third Full Length Album ‘Bloody Lovely’

The new album from Australia’s arbiters of thrash-party goodness, DZ Deathrays, is available now. The duo’s 3rd studio album Bloody Lovely is the hotly anticipated follow-up to ARIA Award-winning Black Rat and is available to purchase and stream here.

The band’s video for “Total Meltdown” sees the duo become animated characters and embark on a wild night on the town filled with flying skulls, skateboarding “hulks” and guitars raining from the skies. With two ARIA wins (“Australia’s Grammys”) under their belt for Best Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Album two years running for their 2013 debut Bloodstreams and 2014’s Black Rat (both on Dine Alone Records), the Aussie outfit featuring Shane Parson (vocals/guitar) and Simon Ridley (drums/programming) have produced a song that is rambunctious, loud and undeniably fun.

Seeing its first glimmer of light as a riff during pre-production for standalone single ‘Blood On My Leather’ in early 2016, the idea kept popping up according to Parsons, “It took about 6 attempts at a chorus until we came up with what it is now, which is why the lyrics in the chorus have nothing to do with those in the verse. It’s a little disjointed lyrically but it’s become a big anthem of the new record and a favourite of ours!”

Bloody Lovely is the DZ Deathrays expanded universe: the perfect amalgamation of all that has come before it, but kicking in the afterburners, and shooting into the stratosphere as we all hold on for dear life. Named for a perfectly Australian turn of phrase (favoured by the father of Parsons’ girlfriend: “it’s brutal and beautiful, and super Aussie”, says Shane) it’s a fully-formed progression from their first two albums Bloodstreams (2012) and Black Rat (2014).


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