Dine Alone and HUB Records open up shop in Australia

Dine Alone Records is proud to announce a new partnership with Hub Artist Services, aimed at further opening up the Australian and New Zealand markets on the back of our company’s existing presence Down Under.

Like Dine Alone, Hub Artist Services was founded more than a decade ago, and the company has been a mainstay of the Australian scene nurturing careers for the likes of Megan Washington, Old Man River, Dappled Cities, Zeahorse and more recently Anna Of The North.

Our founder Joel Carriere said, “Troy and I have a great circle of mutual friends and co-workers in many different countries. It only made sense that we combined forces to grow our bands and businesses together. Plus, I don’t know many people that can keep up with me when I am in the zone, so its nice to have this lovely gent by my side. 

Hub Managing Director / Dine Alone Australia Troy Barrott: “Joel and I bonded over BBQ and beer, and a likeminded philosophy on independent music. His whole team is similarly brilliant. We have been talking for years about working more closely and bringing our culture, artists and people together in an interesting way. I’m honoured to be involved with such a well-loved and respected brand. We’re taking an old school approach of great people, working with great artists on a great label. This is going to be fun.”

Effective immediately, Hub Artist Services will now represent Dine Alone in Australia and New Zealand and be involved in building opportunities and growing our brand. We are delighted to say that we now hold offices in Toronto, Montreal, Nashville, Los Angeles and Sydney.

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