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“…That day when you realize you just discovered something…This guy’s incredible…Little bit Ministry, little Anthrax” – Zane Lowe, Beats 1

“prodigy…[whose] influences range from Tupac Shakur to Chilean folk… a charismatic and prolific young musician” –CBC Music

  “…takes the confrontational sound and spirit of punk and metal and infuses it into moody, snarling experimental hip-hop.” –Revolver Mag

“The Canadian singer walks you through three levels of hell.” –The FADER

“A bedroom talent…fusing rap delivery with sharp hardcore punk…truly DEAR-GOD is in a world of his own.” –Clash Mag

(December 4, 2020)Today, 20-year-old experimental hip-hop and hardcore artist DEAR-GOD (Robert Ortiz) releases his debut EP titled 1-844-4DEAR-GOD via Dine Alone Records and his own imprint End Time, mixed by Lars Stalfors (Lil Peep, Soccer Mommy, St. Vincent). 1-844-4DEAR-GOD finds Ortiz channeling a relentless energy and attitude that calls back to the notorious reputation of his live shows back in his hometown and base of Brampton, Ontario.

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The five-track EP features “Slamdance” of which DEAR-GOD shares, “My generation is facing increasing adversity in this world as we try to live and thrive in a wasteland of an earth. This song is about watching the world fall down economically, politically, morally, and environmentally. Any hope for a sustainable future for us has been lost.” He continues, “Last year when I was in Chile I witnessed dried up hills and mountains, dangerously high sea levels, dried up rivers and burned down forests. This year, COVID-19 hit and the worldwide economy collapsed. Our world is run by old rich white men who only thrive off of inhumane dominance. Sometimes I feel helpless and hopeless. I don’t want to have a kid, in fear of the climate they’ll have to grow up in. I wanted to make a positive song that could read, ‘we are hurting, but we are together, and if we work with each other instead of alone, we can at least venture into undiscovered territory. Our world is slowly starting to realize that independence can be selfish and harmful; equity is the real key to a just society.’”

DEAR-GOD continues to build on the singular, unconventional hip-hop and punk sound he first introduced with debut single “The Burbs” and “Bitter Winter“. The EP kicks off with high-octane “New Kid On The Block” and includes “Buck” which first aired on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 show on Apple Music with the video premiered by Exclaim! Magazine. “Lovin’ It” notably pulls post-punk instrumentation into the fold, concluding with the electrifying “FMTTP”.

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“New Kid On The Block”

Last year, he opened for Wu-Tang Clan at Toronto’s MattyFest, and joined The Dirty Nil on tour. Drawing comparisons that range from Beastie Boys and Rage Against the Machine to Show Me The Body and King Krule, his unique style has already been celebrated by CBC Music, Beats 1, Revolver Mag, The FADER, and Clash Mag.

1-844-4DEAR-GOD Tracklist:
1. New Kid On The Block
2. Slamdance
3. Buck
4. Lovin It

Link to hi-res photo: | Photo Credit: Kurtis Watson

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