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Bedouin Soundclash Release New Double-Single, Announce Album “We Will Meet In A Hurricane”

Bedouin Soundclash Release New Double-Single

“Birds Of A Feather (Feat. Ashleigh Ball)”

b/w “Beyond Four Walls”




Stream “Birds Of A Feather” + “Beyond Four Walls” HERE


Announce Darryl Jenifer (Bad Brains) Dub Companion Remix EP Hurricane Dubs

Photo Credit: Steph Montani

L to R: Jay Malinowski, Eon Sinclair

(July 21, 2022) – Toronto’s post-punk, world-beat duo Bedouin Soundclash have released a double-single, “Birds of a Feather” b/w “Beyond Four Walls” today to announce their anticipated new album, We Will Meet In A Hurricane, due out October 21 via Dine Alone Records. Co-produced by Jay Malinowski and Colin Stewart (The New Pornographers, Destroyer, Dan Mangan, Black Mountain), these buoyant and soulful tracks find the beloved duo digging back into their musical roots, steeped in the border-bending sounds the JUNO award winning and platinum selling band is known for. Pre-order / save the album here.

Also available to pre-order today is Hurricane Dubs, a very special dub companion remix 12″ EP from Bedouin’s long time mentor Darryl Jenifer of Bad Brains.  The ‘We Will Meet in a Hurricane’ pre-order includes a milky clear w/ black smoke Dine Alone Exclusive 12″ (limited to 100), a Standard Peach 12″, ‘Hurricane Dubs’ Darryl Jenifer remix EP 12″ and CD format. See below for images.

Discussing “Birds of a Feather”, Malinowski notes, “The song is about our enduring relationship in this band. Eon and I met on the first day of school. We never had any intention to play in a band. Like the best things in life, everything just kind of happened, like it had already been written and we were just the players. Our journey has been incredible. I sometimes look at our lives and can’t believe what we got to experience together. Ashleigh Ball sings on this track, and she has such an incredible voice. We were sitting there in the studio and then she pulled out a flute and we all got really mesmerised for a couple hours listening to this dubbed-out flute.”

Regarding “Beyond Four Walls”, Malinowski adds, “This was written in the heart of lockdown—-it’s somewhat self-explanatory; that beyond four walls there is a world happening. The pandemic forced a lot of change. I think it put a spotlight on habits and ways of being that didn’t serve us well. We spent so much time with ourselves that those issues became glaring. I realised over the pandemic I had put up a lot of mental walls of limiting beliefs that had to be confronted.”


We Will Meet in a Hurricane also notably marks the bands return to their home on Dine Alone Records, run by their long-time former manager Joel Carriere. “It feels good to be putting out this record with our old friends there who we experienced so much with in this industry, especially given that this is a reflective album on the past,” says Malinowski.

The seeds of the new album were planted In the spring of 2021 when Bedouin co-founder and bassist Eon Sinclair booked an open-ended trip to join Malinowski at his new home on Vancouver Island with the hope of reigniting their once-prolific creative spark. “We didn’t really have a set agenda,” notes Sinclair. “We’d been sending a few ideas back-and-forth between Toronto and Victoria early in the pandemic, and it was a welcome outlet considering everything that was going on. So even though I wasn’t really sure of what I wanted to do next, I thought I’d go out for six months – maybe come back early, maybe stay longer – just to see where things would lead.”

They quickly settled into a comfortable workflow, riffing and writing through the week at Malinowski’s family home and then heading into The Hive studio every couple of weeks with co-producer Colin Stewart (The New Pornographers, Dan Mangan, Black Mountain, Destroyer) to capture the results. “Working with Colin was incredible,” says Sinclair. Malinowski adds, “He really pays incredible attention to arrangements and how the parts of each instrument compliment the main thing, which is always melody for him. I really loved watching him work through a mix. He’s a true artist.”

Despite it being their first collaboration, there was an obvious and rewarding synergy that contributed to the “back to basics” aesthetic. “There wasn’t a lot of discussion beforehand about limiting things in terms of instrumentation, but I think the way it unfolded was really enjoyable for us – a really powerful sound from basically just guitar, bass, and drums again,” shares Malinowski.

After surveying the finished album, the band called upon producer Darryl Jenifer of Bad Brains to create a small dub companion to three of the tracks. “It had been a while since we had spoken to D,” says Malinowski. “When we got on the phone it was like picking up where we left off. Darryl is a true mentor to us in this industry. He sat with us when we were 18 years old, gave us some tough love and made us sit in the corner until we could play our instruments properly,” Malinowski laughs. “But we are so lucky, beyond the music, to have him in our lives. You don’t get many bonds like that in life.”

Indeed, the parallels to Bedouin Soundclash’s earliest efforts come easy, sounding like a passport crowded with overlapping stamps on every one of its well-worn pages. Sinclair elaborates, “No matter where we are or what’s going on in either of our lives, if one of us picks up an instrument and plays something, everything else kind of dissolves and our shared focus becomes, ‘How can we turn this into something people want to hear?’”

That’s especially true this time around, and while Bedouin Soundclash’s loyal following will surely relish in this return to their roots, the real excitement is in anticipating where the metaphorical stream might once again take them from here.

Upcoming Show Dates:

07/21 – Uxbridge, ON @ Uxbridge Music Hall

07/22 – Bayfield, ON @ River Road Brewery

07/23 – Sarnia, ON @ Revelree Festival

07/30-31 – Canmore, AB @ Canmore Folk Festival

Tickets for upcoming shows are available here 




Single artwork by Jay Malinowski


We Will Meet In A Hurricane track list:

  1. We Will Meet In A Hurricane
  2. Walk Through Fire (feat. Aimee Interrupter)
  3. Something Lost + Something Found
  4. Longer Days in Shorter Years
  5. Beyond Four Walls
  6. Shine On (feat. The Skints)
  7. Birds of a Feather (feat. Ashleigh Ball)
  8. Hard Road
  9. Man from Cascades
  10. A Torn Jacket with Silver Lining
  11. Margie, Do Your Best
  12. Into The Black…



Hurricane Dubs Darryl Jenifer remix EP 12″

Dine Alone Exclusive 12″

Standard Peach 12”


About Bedouin Soundclash

Formed in 2001 and named after Israeli dub artist/producer Badawi’s1996 release, Bedouin Soundclash’s debut album Root Fire (2001) received critical acclaim before sophomore album Sounding a Mosaic (2004) sent the band global, culminating in a series of sold-out shows and festival appearances around the world. The album featured the smash hit single “When The Night Feels My Song”, produced by punk-hardcore royalty Darryl Jenifer of Bad Brains, and the band went on to pick up their first JUNO Award in 2006 for Canada’s Best New Group, along with numerous accolades around Europe.

The follow-up album Street Gospels (2007) earned a ‘Pop Album of the Year’ nomination and ‘Video of the Year’ nomination for the single “Walls Fall Down” at the 2008 JUNO’s as well as three Much Music Video Award nominations for their video for “Until We Burnin the Sun” in 2009.

Bedouin Soundclash released their fourth studio album Light the Horizon in 2010. Produced by King Britt, the album included the singles “Mountain Top”, “Elongo” and “Brutal Hearts” which featured French-Canadian singer-songwriter Coeur de pirate.

The band’s last offering, MASS, was co-produced by Bedouin Soundclash and legendary Philadelphia House DJ King Britt, along with musical direction from Ben Jaffe of Preservation Hall, ‘MASS’ spans two communities, recorded at Marigny Studio’s in New Orleans with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band, and in Vancouver at St. James Church with the children of the St. James Music Academy. While pulling from their old catalogue, the band journeyed further into New Orleans jazz, afro-pop, electronic and gospel, reflecting a creative rebirth influenced by the cities and musicians that surrounded them.

Bedouin Soundclash have toured all over the world and have shared the stage with the likes of No Doubt, Ben Harper, Damian Marley, The Roots, The Interrupters, Gogol Bordello, Bad Brains, and Thievery Corporation among many others.


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