Aero Flynn

Aero Flynn self-titled album out now

Aero Flynn’s much-anticipated self-titled debut album is officially available in stores and online. Click here to buy the self-titled album, produced by Aero Flynn (aka Josh Scott) and Justin Vernon (aka Bon Iver), via iTunes.

Aero Flynn Tracklisting:

  1. Plates2
  2. Twist
  3. Dk/Pi
  4. Crisp
  5. Tree
  6. Floating
  7. Maker
  8. Brand New
  9. Moonbeams

Josh Scott carries an incredible backstory full of pent up potential and deep seated connections to musicians that have dotted and in some cases defined the indie music landscape over the past decade.   The upcoming self­-titled debut is an album that many who have known Scott have been quietly and anxiously hoping would come to pass for over a decade. Scott found early beginnings in a promising band named Amature Love, who shared members with Justin Vernon’s DeYarmond Edison. Just as things were starting to take off however, Scott abruptly disbanded the group and moved to Chicago, where he would battle depression and eventually develop a mysterious autoimmune disease. In the meanwhile, the rest of Amateur Love would go on to focus more on the Vernon-linked DeYarmond, which would relocate to North Carolina and spawn the critically acclaimed and massively successful Megafaun as well as Bon Iver.

Eventually Scott began writing and recording what would become Aero Flynn’s deeply personal self-­titled debut. Those who knew his past were excited to hear he was heading back into the studio. Vernon signed on as record producer, and an incredible cast of musicians lent their talents to the process, including Mike Noyce, Sean Carey, Matt Sweeney, Rob Moose, Adam Hurlburt, CJ Camerieri, and Ben Lester. Recording went incredibly well, and over the course of a year an album many had spent over a decade waiting for was finally finished.

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