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Armed with an arsenal of riffs, Brant Bjork returns with Punk Rock Guilt. The new record PUNK ROCK GUILT, from desert rocker Brant Bjork, will be the first release on his new label LOW DESERT PUNK and his sixth solo release to […]

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Armed with an arsenal of riffs, Brant Bjork returns with Punk Rock Guilt. The new record PUNK ROCK GUILT, from desert rocker Brant Bjork, will be the first release on his new label LOW DESERT PUNK and his sixth solo release to date.Recorded in December of 2005, P.R.G. was recorded and produced by long time friend, Dave Raphael, in his fully analog basement studio in the outback forests of New Jersey. Going into the studio back in ’05, Brant and Dave agreed that the sonic direction of the recording should be full-on Rock. The session began with a hand full of riffs, an arsenal of premium tequilas and whiskies, as well as other creative condiments. Dave Raphael rolled 2 inch tape and Brant, in his classic session style, performed all instrumentation on the spot and arranged 90% of the songs while actually in the studio. Unlike Brant’s back catalog of recordings that display his love of studio experimentation, Punk Rock Guilt clearly expresses his need to make a no-bullshit rock record. It is a very direct record and upon mastering the recording, the highly respected engineer, Dave Collins, personally expressed to Brant that the record sounded like it was recorded in 1971. For both Brant and Dave Raphael, mission accomplished!As a philosophy, artistically and otherwise, Brant Bjork has always stayed true to his Punk Rock roots as the corner-stone of his creative energy. “To do your own thing, your own way, for your own reasons”.Being an independent artist with no shame and a keen sense of humor, Brant Bjork took the term Punk Rock Guilt and simply let it represent his personal Rock-n-Roll freedom. “This record is the shit..and it was worth the wait…for me and you”.

Brant Bjork hails from Palm Desert, California, where he began gigging at the age of 13. By high school Brant had begun Kyuss with locals Josh Homme, Chris Cockrell, (later Nick Oliveri) and John Garcia. Kyuss was signed to Elektra and became the first desert rock band to achieve international success by spearheading a musical movement that brought heavy and psychedelic sounds back to rock and roll and served as a prototype for all “desert/stoner rock”. In 1993, Brant left Kyuss and moved to Humboldt to
flip pizzas and play soccer. Too much rain moved him back to his natural habitat where he started an independent record label, EL CAMINO (now DUNA RECORDS); played drums in hardcore punk band De-Con; and played guitar with desert legend Mario Lalli in Fatso Jetson. In 1996, Bjork hooked up again
with Homme, to begin the DESERT SESSIONS saga and work on what became Queens Of The Stone Age. However, Brant decided to take the road less traveled and rock with his surf buddies Fu Manchu, an adventure which took him into the studio for five records and around the world in four years. Feeling the need to embark on his own personal musical journey, in 1999 Brant released his first solo record, JALAMANTA, on premier independent label, MAN’S RUIN. (Re-released in 2003 on DUNA RECORDS.) This landscape record certainly has underlying rock elements, but is more of an embodiment of fluidity in motion between cool jazz, break beats and Rasta grooves. Bjork plays all of the instruments on the record and sings with such a quiet soul and conviction it not only confirms Bjork as one of the baddest rock
drummers of our time, but also legitimizes him as a premier talent on all levels. Bjork’s follow-up and heaviest record, CH’E, was recorded and mixed in three days with Alfredo Hernandez (drums) and Dave Dinsmore (bass), and truly captures Brant’s classic rock & roll roots. In 2002, Brant released his third solo record, BRANT BJORK AND THE OPERATORS on DUNA RECORDS. The Operators record demonstrated Brant’s capabilities indicative of his formative years being spent in the 80’s underground and creates a low-brow, hi-fi approach to traditional new wave. This record convinces us that Cheech & Chong and The Cars must have had a love child. named Brant Bjork. On Bjork’s fourth solo record, KEEP YOUR COOL, Brant rocks, swings and soars to new heights by cutting through the petty and getting back to the sweaty. This record takes you from insightful, unconcealed testimonials to getting laid in the back seat of a trans-am. With the momentum of these four highly diversified albums under his belt, Brant Bjork took an even more interesting turn with his most introspective and laid back record to date,
LOCAL ANGEL. With this record we are assured that Brant Bjork is first and foremost a songwriter, with drums taking a quiet backseat on this one. His bittersweet lyrics and warm vulnerability allows us to feel pains and emotions generally untapped in rock music. Brant Bjork and The Bros have toured for much of the past 5 years all over Europe, The States, Canada, and Australia. BB & the Bros live shows are fast
becoming recognized as the best live rock and roll going and as Aussie rag put it, “The closest thing we’ll get to seeing the Hendrix Experience.” The Bros first group record, SAVED BY MAGIC, was released in August 2005 on DUNA RECORDS and their 2nd record Somera Sol was released in the Spring of 2007.
Brant Bjork and the Bros are guerilla rock revolutionaries.taking back the rock and letting it roll.



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