Andrew Katz (Vocals/Guitar)
Charles Garmendia (Drums)
Matt Menold (Guitar/Keyboard)
Eduardo DuQuesne (Bass)


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It might be cliché to say that the mark of a true rock n’ roll band is that they play from the heart, but in the case of the Clear Plastic Masks it is exceptionally true. As the band’s moniker indicates, there’s not much to hide with one of the most talked about groups in Nashville’s burgeoning rock scene. This is the sound of heart-on-your-sleeve blue-collar soul.

Formed in New York City in 2011, Clear Plastic Masks quite literally have honed a world of influence into sharp, tight, nostalgic rock n’ roll that is at once bone-deep familiar and not like anything else you’ve heard. The story starts where every good story does, in a dive bar where lead vocalist and guitarist Andrew Katz, born and raised on theatre in (Detroit), met Dominican Republic-born drummer Charles Garmendia. Despite upbringings half a world apart, the two forged a fast friendship centered on a collective love of music. Soon enough, toiling around Bed Stuy, Brooklyn, they met guitarist/keyboard player Matt Menold (Pittsburgh) and bassist Eduardo DuQuesne (Miami). What began as simply four unlikely friends hanging out trying to make their way in one of the toughest cities on earth eventually evolved into an informal jam session where, without planning, they discovered a surprising sound. Modestly, the way they tell it, “We’re just buddies. That’s the sound that comes out,” Katz says.

Attitude has been a fundamental element of rock music since its inception. It’s the one thing you can’t fake, and Clear Plastic Masks have it in droves. Trying to put your finger on exactly what is the band’s sound is near futile, like a game of musical whack-a-mole. Recalling the sneer and snarl of the Rolling Stones’ early R&B-influenced work, Clear Plastic Masks’ brief catalogue runs the gamut from mid-70’s New York punk (“Everything Nothing,” “So Fucking Real”) to Stax-style soul (“Outcast,” “Baby Come On”) to tight, almost ELO disco rock (“Dos Cobras”) to Lou Reed-style spoken word poetics (“Allen’s Song”) to more recent nods toward Nashville contemporaries like the Alabama Shakes (“When the Night Time Comes”). But the key word here is almost. Weaving through the ten tracks on their self-titled debut, the band dips into the well of American rock, soul, and blues, but never stops long enough to let one part soak in too deep. Throughout, the group swings seamlessly from soulful crooning to raucous punk and gnarled grunge riffs, and then throws you back to classic ‘60’s garage rock and near-‘50’s influenced sock hop rockers and ballads. Crispy guitar licks, floral backing keys, and a tight sharp rhythm section swell behind Katz’s soul-quivering vocals and poetic, story-telling style lyrics which peak in crescendo choruses that stab you right in the heart, and then hold you sweetly as you let the music flow through you. Simply put, it’s the sound of Clear Plastic Masks.

As quickly as they formed, the band began gigging around the city and soon set out on tours through the Midwest and down to New Orleans, eventually stopping in Nashville in December of 2011 and April of 2012. There, they recorded first a 7-inch and later a full album with Andrija Tokic at The Bomb Shelter. In Nashville, Clear Plastic Masks found what they lacked in New York, a tight-knit scene putting itself on the map supported by a host of incredible bands. After several shows and recording sessions, the band decided to relocate in late 2012, becoming one of the first of now many groups around the country to spy Nashville as America’s next hot bed of authentic rock n’ roll. Summoning their hard working roots, the band continues to tour and earn new fans in each club in every city they stop in while remixing their demo for their first official full-length debut, a self-titled effort which will come out on Serpents and Snakes later this year.

Just two years into a promising road ahead, the band continues to build critical acclaim and stack up accolades. Ever nonchalant, Katz says, “What else are we going to do if we’re not doing this?” Give a damn and do it well. That’s the spirit of rock n’ roll. That’s the spirit of Clear Plastic Masks.
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Clear Plastic Masks' Being There now available

Being There, the debut full-length LP from Nashville's Clear Plastic Masks is now available!

georiot.co target="_blank">Click to purchase Clear Plastic Masks on iTunes.

Recorded in Nashville's Bomb Shelter Studios by Andrija Tokic (Alabama Shakes, Natural Child), the album kicks off with Stax-style soul and travels its' way through near-ELO disco rock, Lou Reed-esque spoken word, to mid-70s New York punk and home-stay influences like Alabama Shakes.

The band aren't hiding behind any glossy coverups, this is purely blazing garage rock with relentless percussion, enough guitar fuzz to satiate any Black Lips fan and vocal emotion that SPIN Magazine describes as "desperate yowls that reacall Jack White before he became Jack White."

The band spends June criss-crossing the US with Spanish Gold, with a solo Canadian date at Vancouver's Biltmore Cabaret on June 28 - www.ticketweb.ca target="_blank">Get tickets here.
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Stream Clear Plastic Masks new album on SPIN

Nashville's Clear Plastic Masks are just one week away from the release of their full-length debut Being There. Recorded by Andrija Tokic (Alabama Shakes, Hurray for the Riff Raff), the album's 11 songs stay true to the band's spastic nature.

"The record sounds naked and pleasantly unadorned...Being There's focal-point and open book is frontman Andrew Katz, who seems incapable of holding anything back at all." - SPIN Magazine

SPIN Magazine has your first listen to Being There and album review. go.spin.com target="_blank">Stream it now.

You've got one more week to lock in your pre-order of the album georiot.co target="_Blank">here.
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Clear Plastic Masks announce Being There, premiere video

The debut full-length LP from emerging Nashville band Clear Plastic Masks will be released May 27 on Dine Alone Records/Serpents & Snakes. Recorded by Andrija Tokic (Alabama Shakes, Natural Child) at Bomb Shelter Studios in Nashville, TN, the album is available for pre-order now. Directed by Jason Shoemaker, the band's alcohol-soaked, spazzed out video for first single "So Real" premiered today on Noisey/VICE as well.

noisey.vice.com target="_blank">Click to watch the video for "So Real" on Noisey/VICE

Formed in New York City in 2011, the quarter has literally honed a world of influence into sharp, tight, nostalgic rock n’ roll that is at once bone-deep familiar and not like anything else you’ve heard. Recalling the sneer and snarl of the Rolling Stones’ early R&B-influenced work, Clear Plastic Masks’ concise catalogue runs the gamut from mid- ‘70’s New York punk (“Everything Nothing,” “So Real”) to Stax-style soul (“Outcast,” “Baby Come On”) to tight, near-ELO disco rock (“Dos Cobras”) to Lou Reed-esque spoken word (“Aliens”) to more recent nods toward contemporaries like Alabama Shakes (“When the Night Time Comes”).

georiot.co target="_blank">Click here to lock in your pre-order!

Past dates include a North American tour alongside White Denim, along with a number of US tours with Alabama Shakes. CPM are currently on tour with Hurray for The Riff Raff, and will join Spanish Gold (ft. members of City and Colour, My Morning Jacket) for a US tour this Summer. Fans can catch them routing through the US right now with Houndmouth. Find all tour dates dinealonerecords.com target="_blank">HERE.
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Hear Clear Plastic Masks' new song "Outcast"

Brooklyn-based Clear Plastic Masks have unveiled their newest single, the simply titled "Outcast," which debuted on Southern California's KCRW.

bit.ly target="_blank">Give "Outcast" a listen here!

The band's debut album, Being There, is slotted for a May 6 release. Stay tuned for details.
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Clear Plastic Masks' EP out now, featured in NY Times

The Nashville quartet's self-titled EP is available now via Dine Alone/Serpents & Snakes. On the band's debut collection of songs, The">www.nytimes.com New York Times notes: "The churning, galvanic, righteously messy surge and crash of 1960s rock is their heritage, full of loose ends and live wires; they’ve got firm roots without settling down in the slightest."

Click">exclaim.ca to stream the Clear Plastic Masks EP

Formed in 2011 in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn, CPM relocated to Nashville in 2012 where they recorded their debut album at The Bomb Shelter. The 4-piece band is made up of Eddy DuQuesne (bass/keys), Charlie Garmendia (drums), Andrew Katz (guitar/keys/vocal) and Matt Menold (guitar/keys). In addition to CPM, the band-members recently launched a side-project with Alabama Shakes’ Brittany Howard, entitled Thunderbitch.

Click">smarturl.it to purchase the Clear Plastic Masks EP on ITunes

The band's debut album will be released in early 2014 via Dine Alone/Serpents & Snakes. In advance of the release, the band will join Alabama Shakes on a series of U.S. shows this December. View all tour dates HERE.">dinealonerecords.com
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Clear Plastic Masks - Baby Come On

Clear Plastic Masks - So Real


Clear Plastic Masks - Baby Come On

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